Posted on: 23rd July 2012

Area Contest 2012

Getting everyone to the same hotel in Blackpool’s one-way system is a massive challenge every year and 2012 was no different, however everyone eventually arrived and we settled down to a mid-morning rehearsal.

We already knew we were in the second half of the 4th section draw and that the 4th section this year was made up of at least 25 bands, I’m sure the selection of the well known ‘English Folk Song Suite’ encouraged bands to enter. What we didn’t know is that when we sent Neil to the draw he would draw out last band of the day, number 25, so the wait began (and another short rehearsal).

17:15 finally came around and we were on stage and ready to play, the waiting hadn’t caused nervousness, by the time it came to playing we were all relaxed and just glad to finally be on stage. We took everything Dan had said from the rehearsals on to stage and produced a (in our opinion) fantastic performance with every player coming off happy and receiving positive feedback from friends and strangers alike who were in the hall to listen.

As with any contest though our opinion doesn’t count, it is only one man we have to impress, unfortunately we hadn’t managed to do that this year and finished outside the top half, picking up a 16th place, a result like that after such a comfortable performance is always disheartening but the band have taken it in their stride and we are pushing on to the projects planned for 2012.

The area contest in Blackpool also saw us say goodbye to Dan Price, who had stepped in during Adie’s sabatical for the last 6 months, we wish to thank Dan for all of the hardwork he has put in and we will undoubtedly be a better band because of the experiences he has given us, of course he won’t be away for long, he is a regular visitor and friend to the band.

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