Posted on: 14th September 2015

Pay by Card and Cream Tea Details

Some further detail and exciting news about our upcoming Cream Tea, we are being thrust in to the 21st Century and introducing the option of paying by card at our concerts. This will be through the PayPal Here system and the Cream Tea will be our first outing of the device and system. This introduction has come about because of the need to increase our ticket prices to offset increasing running costs and purchases of new music and instruments. At the AGM the ticket prices were set as £6 for an adult ticket, we have also introduced a special Under 18’s ticket of £3 for the Cream Tea to see if we can encourage the younger generation in to watch a brass band. We apologise for the price rise and we have done everything we can over recent years to absorb the increased costs but this year we have had to pass some on. So if you don’t have the correct change for the ticket price just have your debit or credit card handy and we will ease you through the process.



As for the details of the concert itself, the date is Sunday October 4th and we will open the doors at about 2pm for a 230pm start, as always there will be refreshments at the break and the option to participate in a raffle. We will also have the facility open to sign up to our new email newsletter if you want to so don’t be surprised if someone pops to your table with a tablet asking if you want to be added. We have some fantastic music already lined up for the programme and John is working towards getting the best out of us to entertain you for the afternoon so please come along and bring friends and family to enjoy the afternoon. Tickets can be pre-booked for collection at the door through the events page or by using the contact us form or just giving us a call if you have our number. Cream Tea 2015 poster

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