Posted on: 25th October 2015

The results are in….

Our day at Rochdale came to an end with a very solid performance of Saga of Haakon the Good. We came off stage knowing that there was the odd bar where we could have been a bit cleaner or quieter but we knew we’d given it our all. We were drawn 4th in the morning and played at about 9:50. After a short time the results were announced and we were placed 4th as well. The remarks from Sheona were very fair and will see us in the right direction for the contests ahead.

Congratulations to Stalybridge Old Band who took the 4th section title and to the other bands who all played exceptionally well in the lovely setting that is Rochdale Town Hall.

Additionally, 7 of our band went on to help other bands out in the sections above, including 3rd section winners Besses O’th Barn, Golborne and Hawk Green, all in the third section. We also helped out Uppermill and Pemberton Band in the higher sections. Congratulations to all of the players and to the bands they played for no matter how they placed today.

Huge thank you and congratulations to the team from NWABBA in their organisation and running of the day and to the beautiful venue that is Rochdale Town Hall.

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